Museum of the River, Niamey

The Museum of the River is envisioned as a world-class, energy-positive museum situated on an island in West Africa’s greatest waterway, the Niger River. A series of museum galleries and walkways will showcase chapters in Niger’s story, from billions of years ago at the birth of Africa as a continent, through the reign of Africa’s most spectacular dinosaurs, to the living inhabitants and ecology of the island and surrounding river.

Rendering courtesy of Stantec

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Museum of the Living Desert, Agadez

The Museum of the Living Desert is envisioned as a world-class, energy-neutral museum showcasing the rich natural, cultural, archaeological and paleontological heritage of the Agadez region of Niger. Museum galleries will highlight the striking desert wildlife, introduce local cultural traditions, step back thousands of years to meet the ancient peoples of the Green Sahara, and then go millions of years further to walk among dinosaur skeletons excavated near Agadez. The surrounding museum courtyard will feature classrooms, artisan workshops and performance space managed in collaboration with the adjacent University of Agadez.

Rendering courtesy of Stantec

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Local Museums

Three smaller communities in the Agadez Region (InGall, Marandet, Tadiben) have developed local museums or school rooms highlighting Niger’s exceptional paleontological heritage, key parts of which were discovered and still remain in nearby rocks. Educational exhibits include mounted dinosaur skulls, petrified logs, and educational murals. Community members serve as local guides and protectors of Niger’s patrimony.

Photo credit Matt Irving

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