2022 NigerHeritage Conference

2022 NigerHeritage Conference

2021 Washington Post story on Niger's Heritage

News from the Washington Post on Niger's incredible patrimony

2021 Niger Expedition in planning

One of the largest and most ambitious paleontological expeditions is in planning—to collect some 25 tons of dinosaurs and other extinct species in Niger’s Sahara Desert.

2020 Winner, A+Award, Best New Cultural Architecture

NigerHeritage’s innovative museum plans win international recognition.

2020 NigerHeritage Conference (Chicago)

The 2020 conference brought core committee members from Niger, Paris and DC to Chicago for three full-day planning sessions to reconfigure design and construction elements for new, confirmed location sites.

2019 New Exhibit, Niamey International Airport

A paleontological exhibit graces the main hall in Niamey’s new International Airport.

2019 Niger Expedition discoveries

Solving the water source of Green Sahara and discovery of more Spinosaurus remains and new long-necked dinosaurs

2019 NigerHeritage Conferences (Niamey, Agadez)

Support for the NigerHeritage projects grows, as well-attended public conferences in Niamey and Agadez attest.

2018 Niger Expedition discoveries

Striking new human burials at Gobero and cornucopia of dinosaur discoveries were made across northern Niger on an arduous 2-month archaeological-paleontological expedition.

2018 NigerHeritage Conference (Chicago)

A second conference was held in Chicago (July 30-August 2, 2018) at the Neubauer Collegium (University of Chicago) to discuss background, plans and options for the various projects encompassed by NigerHeritage.

2017 NigerHeritage Conference (Chicago)

The first conference was held in Chicago (August 16-17, 2017) at the Neubauer Collegium (University of Chicago) to launch NigerHeritage and discuss background and general plans for its various projects.